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Thomas Gasquet
Romuald Guiboux

Clara Nebinger

David Peneau

Johanna Perret

Marion Waill

Nicolas Weber

Hors Pistes 

En résonance avec la Biennale de Lyon

En partenariat avec

l’Ecole nationale Supérieure d’Art Annecy Alpes et l’Ecole nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes

 7 novembre > 28 décembre 2019

@Johanna Perret, Lux Nova-Areu, 2018-2019, huile sur toile, 72 x 105 cm

@Romuald Guiboux, détail coup de  pinceau incliné "shitao", 2019, liant, pigment, fil noir, 195 x 165 x 140 cm

To paint !

Painting crosses categories, fertilizes them and feeds on them. It no longer represents the landscape, it is landscape. Each time she reinvents her own space and her purpose. Continuously updates their vocabulary and ways of life. His ability to assimilate other techniques is powerful.


At our days painting has nothing to prove, it claims its entire freedom and asserts itself in the richness and diversity of painters' language.


Annecy-Lyon-Nîmes. An art center, an associative gallery, a private gallery, two Schools of Fine Arts ...


Three exhibitions to do and talk about painting in 2019! Off the beaten track, a very young generation of uninhibited artists.

Painting crosses their practice, occupies a preponderant place or serves as the axis of their questions.

Nicolas Weber, Promenade Chensinoise, 2019, peinture industrielle sur contreplaqué, 55 x 55 cm